Ethical Use of AI

At Simple Different, we believe in using AI responsibly to empower people, not replace them. Our Ethical AI Charter outlines our commitments to user control, awareness, transparency, privacy, inclusivity, and responsible oversight when integrating AI tools into our platform.

We clearly inform our users when they are interacting with AI, and private user data will never be uses to train AI models.

We strive to ensure that our AI is guided by the user's existing work, offering creative proposals for users to select from, while keeping their creativity at the forefront of the production process.

We're committed to avoiding bias, gathering user feedback, and continuously improving our AI. The use of Kai, our AI assistant, is entirely optional, and we don't claim it has perfect knowledge.

Ultimately, while AI assistants may provide guidance and suggest content, users are responsible for what they publish. Our charter is our pledge to use AI as an inclusive tool for good. You can read it in full below!

Our Charter for Integrating AI

  1. Transparency:

    ● Users will be clearly informed whenever they are interacting with ChatGPT or any other AI tool.

    ● The source and nature of the AI's advice and recommendations will be made explicit.

  2. Data Privacy:

    ● No private user data will be sent to external AI systems.

    ● Private user data will not be used to train AI systems.

    ● As with all our services, users have the right to have their data deleted.

  3. User Autonomy:

    ● Kai will serve as a tool to assist users, not replace or limit their creativity. Users remain in control of the content and decision making for their website.

    ● Kai will provide suggestions, but the final choice will always lie with the user.

  4. No Bias or Discrimination:

    ● SimDif is committed to using AI responsibly and avoiding biases. Should any bias be detected, efforts will be taken to correct and improve the system.

    ● Feedback mechanisms will be in place for users to report any perceived biases or inappropriate suggestions.

  5. Continuous Learning & Feedback:

    ● Regular audits of AI interactions will be conducted to ensure ethical standards are upheld.

    ● User feedback on AI interactions will be actively encouraged to refine and enhance the experience.

  6. Opt-In/Opt-Out:

    ● The use of Kai and other generative AI Tools is optional. Users have the choice to use or not use AI-assisted tools at any stage of their website creation process.

  7. Limitation of Use:

    ● Users are encouraged to use Kai as a guide, but are reminded that the AI has a knowledge cutoff and does not possess real-time, up-to-date information.

  8. Responsibility:

    ● Simple Different will ensure that the integration of AI is in line with the best interests of our users and will continually monitor AI performance and impact.

    ● Users are reminded that while Kai offers suggestions, the responsibility for content published on their websites ultimately lies with them.

  9. Accessibility:

    ● All features, including those powered by AI, will be designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring users of all abilities can benefit.

  10. Open Communication:

    ● Channels will be open for users to discuss, question, or provide feedback on AI integration. Simple Different will maintain transparency about how AI integrations work, and users will be notified of any changes.