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Be Understood
Be Googlable

Be Understood

The Power of Tabs

SimDif is designed to help you create a website that is clearly organized.
Each tab goes to one page, each page focuses on one topic.
This simple structure helps your clients and visitors quickly learn about your activity and contact you.

Be Googlable

Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

SimDif includes an Optimization Assistant. This will help you to improve your site and ensure it has the essential qualities needed by search engines.

Anytime, Anywhere

100% Phone, 100% Computer

SimDif is one of the few website builders to be fully functional, with the same features, on a phone, computer, and tablet. This allows you to easily switch from one device to another to edit and publish your site. Rotate your phone to view how your site will appear on a computer.

From Free to Pro

Upgrade Your Free Website as You Grow

We give you the tools, the hosting, and advice. The free Starter site helps you to organize your content into an already effective website. The Smart version offers more choices at a good price. The Pro version has more features and allows finer graphic customization.

A Fair Price for Everyone

FairDif: Prices Adjust with The World

FairDif is the index created by SimDif to adapt a given price to the cost of living in each country. SimDif appears to be the first service on the Internet to provide this kind of adaptive pricing.

Your Name, Your Freedom

YorName: Domain Names Made Simple offers an independent and easy way for SimDif users to purchase their own domain name. Enjoy a low price and free secure https (SSL), while keeping your freedom.

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