The Simple Different Directory

Examples of sites made with SimDif Website Builder

The SimDif Directory is a great way to find examples of what can be created and published from a phone. See what a simple tool can do for professionals and hobbyists presenting their activities on the web.

Websites made by regular people

The creators of these websites are often professionals in their domains, but are rarely webmasters. The Directory keeps only active sites which are maintained by their authors. A lot of quality time has been invested in these websites, and one of our reasons for producing this directory is to acknowledge this work by giving a valuable first link from another site - what SEO professionals call a backlink.

The Directory is organized into categories

The choice of categories has been mainly inspired by the work of, a collaborative effort by people in the Web community, including from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. The information that SimDif users provide when submitting their websites for inclusion in the directory also goes into Schema code, to help search engines better understand the websites.