Applied Purchasing Power Parity

What is FairDif?
We created the FairDif index to calculate a fair price based on the cost of living in each country.
We provide a Starter version that is free for all users.
FairDif is the key to create fair and easy access to the Smart and Pro versions.
Why have we developed this idea?
We believe it is important to help as many people as possible so we had to create a fair price for everyone around the globe. Each country has a different cost of living so if you want to create a fair price for everybody, it actually means creating a different price for all countries.
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We want to share this service with all people,
no matter their purchasing power.

How was the FairDif index built?
Based off reputable price indexes including the World Bank’s and the OECD’s, FairDif attempts to estimate a price that has the same value for everyone. For example, one year of the Pro version is $69 in the US, and approximately $82 in Japan, $24 in India, $31 in Nigeria and $69 in France. This does not mean people in India or Nigeria are paying less than the people in France or the US. It may be a different price, but the relative value is the same.