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We are very happy to provide you with
the opportunity to make a free website.

A Starter site is ideal for quickly and clearly
presenting an event, a celebration, an activity
or a business on the web.

It is also the best way to try out SimDif.
You can use all the main functions to create
a clear website with up to 7 pages.
All your sites are guaranteed to be Ad free!

Click here to open your free account.

Simply log in and click publish at least
every 21 days to keep your free site visible.

Why? Free websites are often left uncared for
and forgotten by their owners.
This creates additional costs for everybody.

To keep the cost down and efficiency up, we give
priority to your active websites and accounts.
We trim unused free accounts after 2 months.

This is one of the reasons you can enjoy all the features of the Pro sites at such a low cost.

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